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Hi, my name is Anja

I’m your online language coach!

I've been teaching Dutch since 1996 and have been teaching online since 2011.

I love my husband, my two amazing daughters, music (especially folk and blues ​and really, really old music from Lassus, Bach and Purcell), gardening, Belgian ​beers, of course 😉 and Greece. (I’m learning Greek).

What can I do for you?

Do you want to learn Dutch?

Are you motivated to fit an online class of 45' into your schedule? Are ​you prepared to study your digital course documents at home? Do you ​have the guts to make a weekly audio for me in which you talk about ​your past week? Do you want to change your habits so that you hear, ​read, speak and write Dutch every day? Do you have the discipline to ​watch my grammar video's and to do exercises? Are you willing to ​practice dialogues with me? Are you 'bubbly' enough to get through an ​intensive online training? Then I can help you!

Am I freaking you out with these - not so realistic - conditions and do ​you just want to have a chat in Dutch? Then I can help you too 😅

Learning a new language can be very challenging. Sometimes ​everything is fine, sometimes nothing seems to work. I'm your ​language coach and your personal cheerleader and I'll help you when ​things get tough.

Do you want to know what a class with DYW looks like? Take a look at ​the video’s below!

Online sessions

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45 minutes

Digital course ​document


A1-A2 (beginners)

B1-B2 (advanced)

C1-C2 (specialist)


ITNA-test (B2/C1)

CNaVT (B2/C1)

Language tests ​Agentschap Integratie ​en Inburgering

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A class with Dutch Your Way

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€ 45

1 session

45 minutes


Digital course document

€ 175

4 sessions

45 minutes


Digital course document

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Correction of your audio's

€ 435

10 sessions

45 minutes


Digital course document

Online course material

Correction of your audio's

Correction of your e-mails and presentations

What DYW’s students say

Quotation Mark

The courses are never boring and they're ​always useful! She knows how to explain ​something very clearly and she works on my ​'weaknesses'.

I believe that her classes are very flexible and ​specifically tailored to each group and for ​that I highly recommend her.



IT specialist

Quotation Mark

I've been living in Belgium for a year now ​and of course I had to study Dutch to be ​able to work here. Anja is very flexible and ​accurate. Learning Dutch together has ​turned into pleasure. Want to learn Dutch? ​Then Dutch Your Way is the place you want ​to be!

Ciao! Sono Lucrezia e da un anno vivo in ​Belgio, nelle Fiandre. La capacità speciale di ​Anja è saper adattare il metodo di ​insegnamento ad ogni studente rendendolo ​tagliato “su misura per ognuno”, con sempre ​una grande flessibilità e sempre nuove idee ​per rendere il tutto più intrigante. Le lezioni ​con Anja le definirei proprio come “Dutch in ​MY way”!!




Quotation Mark

Anja's classes are very educational and ​tailor made. It's so easy to take a class ​from anywhere with your computer.

Las clases son adecuadas a las ​necesidades del alumno y a los objetivos ​que se propone para alcanzar como por ​ejemplo un examen labora



Professor in library sciences and ​stay at home mother

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